From An A-DOG Member Working to Ban Greyhound Racing: Would You Treat Your Dog This Way?

The author, Christine, with her greyhound Zoe
by Christine A, Dorchak, Esq.
President, GREY2K USA
Co-Chairperson, Committee to Protect Dogs

(shown here with her Zoe)

Starz Voice was a two-year old white and red fawn greyhound who spent her short life racing for profit. Before her untimely death, she lived at a commercial racetrack and endured a life of nearly endless confinement. Along with hundreds of other dogs, she was kept in a small cage barely large enough for her to stand up or turn around for 20 or more hours per day.

On a clear, June day last year Starz Voice competed in her final race. After colliding with other dogs in the first turn, she broke multiple bones in her right front leg and was euthanized.

Sadly, her story is not unique. Since 2002, more than 800 greyhounds have been injured while racing in Massachusetts, including dogs that suffered broken legs, paralysis, and death from cardiac arrest.

The good news is that this cruelty may soon end. This November, voters will have a chance to Vote Yes on the Greyhound Protection Act, a citizens initiative to phase out commercial dog racing by 2010. This important humane proposal is supported by the oldest and most respected animal protection groups in the state, including the MSPCA, the Humane Society of the United States and greyhound protection group GREY2K USA.

If you would like to volunteer for this important effort, please contact me at or call 617-666-3526. Also, to learn more about the Greyhound Protection Act and view a slide show of photographs from Wonderland Greyhound Park, go to

Together we can win for the dogs!

Christine lives on Lake View Street with her husband Carey and their beloved greyhound Zoe.

1 thought on “From An A-DOG Member Working to Ban Greyhound Racing: Would You Treat Your Dog This Way?

  1. A-DOG is proud to join the list of venerable animal protection organizations, and other groups whose missions benefit animals, in endorsing the Greyhound Protection Act. Thank-you to Christine and her colleagues for their tremendous dedication to ending the cruelty of greyhound racing in MA. Check in at the link in Christine’s article for updates on the progress of this important measure.

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