Spring Unleashed Networking Event at Picture Perfect Pets, May 15 in Arlington

April 12, 2010

ARLINGTON—Local businesses will celebrate spring while joining together to support the efforts of the Arlington Dog Owners’ Group to earn local dog owners the privilege of exercising and socializing their dogs responsibly off-leash. This fund-raising open house, “Spring Unleashed – a Celebration of Responsible Dog Ownership,” will be held at Picture Perfect Pets Dog Training and Pet Photography (11A Medford Street in Arlington Center) on Saturday, May 15 from 2:00 pm to 5:00 pm.

A-DOG supporters are encouraged to bring their friendly dogs on leash to network with dog friendly businesses and fellow dog lovers while enjoying complimentary pet photography by Bette Yip, refreshments for canines and humans and door prizes donated by local, dog loving businesses. Tax deductible donations to support A-DOG’s efforts are appreciated, but are not required to join in the fun.

Says Bette Yip, owner of Picture Perfect Pets, “In my dog training classes, I emphasize to students the importance of seeking out safe opportunities to let our dogs run, play and socialize with a variety of other dogs in order to maintain both their physical and mental well-being. Dogs that get this sort of activity present fewer behavioral problems. It troubles me that Arlington dog owners have no places to legally follow my advice.”

Arlington Dog Owners Group, or A-DOG, organized in 2008 in Arlington, MA, with these guiding principles:

* Relationships with dogs and other companion animals have numerous benefits to individuals of all ages, and to the community at large.
* With dog ownership comes responsibility, not only to promote the health and welfare of one’s dog, but also to ensure that one’s dog does not adversely affect the safety of others.

A-DOG’s mission includes:

* Advocating for the rights and interests of Arlington dog owners.
* Promoting responsible dog ownership, emphasizing respect for the rights and interests of neighbors and the community and the welfare of our companion animals.
* Educating the community about dog behavior and other factors influencing canine-human interactions.
* Working to promote safe, healthy recreational venues for dogs on- and off-leash in Arlington, enabling responsible dog owners to exercise and socialize their dogs

With this kick-off celebration, A-DOG is initiating its fundraising campaign to contribute to the establishment of fenced off-leash recreation areas currently under consideration by the town of Arlington. In addition, A-DOG continues its advocacy work for the legalization of responsible off-leash recreation more broadly in Arlington parks. A-DOG is a tax exempt public charity under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.

A-DOG (www.arlingtondogowners.org) is also a founding member of the Coalition of Massachusetts Dog Owner Groups (www.massdog.org), which advocates for local and state recreational policies to benefit responsible dog owners. Members of other MassDOG member groups will also be invited to participate.