Why Members Support A-DOG!

On our membership form, we ask our members why they choose to support A-DOG. You can add your own reasons in the Comments section!

If you sent us a comment on your membership form, and don’t see it here, let us know.  We might have missed it our you might not have checked “Yes” for permission to quote.  But, we want everybody to be included who wants to be!

Here, with their permission, is what our members are saying:


“Just moved to Arlington, A-DOG seems like a great group!”

Carly and Matt C., Arlington


“LOVE that there is an organization here in town advocating for dogs and dog owners. The off leash opportunities to socialize our 4 legged family members is so important, I hope that there will be more all around town someday.”

Melanie C. and Ed W., Arlington

“I assume this is a good way to stay informed on all dog related happenings in/around Arlington.”

Jessica G., Arlington

“I think it’s great that there’s a group in town for dog-owners, given that there are so many of us and lots of issues that go with. Maybe I’ll learn something and have opportunities to give and receive support!”

Suzy and Chris N., Arlington

“Great program at Robbins Library last night!”

Jess W. and Gabi T., Arlington

“To support and promote quality of life for dogs and their owners.”

Eileen O., Arlington

“Because I love my dog and am happy there is a group in town to support and connect dog owners.”

— Jennifer J., Arlington

“I support A-Dog to support the our dogs, who are an important part of our community.  I especially want to advocate for access to green space for our dogs.  Thanks!…”

— Dorothy H., Arlington

“I have been coming to the dog park since I first got my puppy (a little less than a year ago). Great place, great dogs, and nice responsible dog owners.  I wish we had a dog park in Lexington.”

— Sean and Donald M., Lexington

“As Roger Caras, former president of the ASPCA says, “Dogs are not our whole lives, but make our lives whole.” Companion animals bring so much to a community as well as to a home, and I proudly support organizations such as A-DOG that foster community activism on behalf of our companion animals, as well as support responsible canine caretaking (I don’t like to say “pet ownership”). 

A huge step would be to work with Arlington landlords on allowing people to rent with dogs. When my partner and I moved here from Somerville two years ago, we were able to find exactly one — ONE! — apartment (in our price range … there are very expensive ones available) here in Arlington that would accept a dog.”

— Janice Z. and Rob K., Arlington


” I love my dog, Cozmo, and I’m a new resident of Arlington.  I moved to this town from Boston, which is a surprisingly un-dog-friendly city.  It would be nice to be connected to events and opportunities to have fun w Cozmo while making it possible to better the well being of others’ furry friends!”

Lindsey Z., Arlington 

“Our company fetch(.) is a family and locally owned and operated labor of love.  We’ve been in business in Somerville, Cambridge and Arlington for two years and have a growing list of clients who use and love the Thorndike Off-Leash Rec Area.  We take our own pup, Gracie, the Frenchie there as well and would really love to become more integrated in what we see as one of the most involved, responsible, and hard-working canine communities around.”

Mel R. and Michelle B., Somerville 

“I respect what A-DOG has done to improve awareness of dog training and the responsibilities of canine ownership. I’m interested in programs like Me & My Dog fitness course; also potentially interested in agility training and competition. I have a Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever, born Nov. 9, 2012.”

Charlotte P., Arlington

“I [went] to the Dog Park meeting the other night and was impressed.”

Dianne S., Arlington

“My husband and I are excited to be new home owners in Arlington and now new puppy owners as well! We look forward to meeting other dog lovers in the community and socializing our good little girl, Penny with her new dog neighbors.”

Joanna H., Arlington

“I am a brand new dog owner and thrilled to find this group.  I feel like I was just invited into a new world with new rules, as a dog owner.  I have had cats for years (and love them dearly) but this dog world is far more social and complex!!”

Sonia and Jean-Francois H., Arlington

“I’m a life-long dog lover and a newish dog owner to Maisie, a mischievous Scottish Terrier who will be one year old in May.”

— Margaret P. and Wilbur K., Arlington 

“New resident to Arlington, excited to see the dog park efforts and community!”

— Melissa and Bohdar H., Arlington

“I’ve been hoping to join ever since I received your first mailing……Especially recently, in support of the Thorndike dog park, I hope to include our voice in the importance of our dogs in our community. They are family in our household. I look forward to maintaining a membership with A-Dog. Thanks for the opportunity Joan.”

— Melanie C. and Ed W., Arlington

“I like receiving the A-Dog email updates, and especially appreciate  the work done to enact and support the …..offleash program in Arlington (of which I benefit).  Also, I do not think the dog park at Thorndike would have become a reality without the dedication of A-dog members.  It is projects like the dog park that emphasize how useful an association like A-Dog is.  Thanks for all that you do.”

— Gayle N., Arlington

“Thank you for the work you do for pet owners in Arlington. There is power with solidarity.”   — Janet D., Arlington

” LOVE off-leash hours at Turkey Hill.
HATE neighbors who don’t pick up after their dogs ……(and who give the rest of us a bad name)
Wish to support legal off-leash alternatives for those of us who obey the law!”                      –Ruth S., Arlington

“A-DOG brought off leash hours to Arlington, which is a life-changing difference for me and my dogs.  A-DOG continues to advocate for dogs and their people and works to enhance the human-dog relationship in Arlington.”
— Ellen D., Arlington

“I appreciate the work A-DOG and its members have done on behalf of dog owners in Arlington to help establish off-leash hours in our town parks and through its activities attracting the support needed to fund and build the Thorndike Off-leash Recreation Area.  There is still much work that needs to be done to help address additional needs for off-leash recreation for those that are unable to use the morning hours.”                                             — Robin V., Arlington

2008 – 2012:

“I have been reading a lot about dogs, about their need for early socialization, how much better they do when they have good training and time to be off-leash. I see so many people treating their dogs badly and I want to support responsible ownership. I’m getting a dog very soon and I’m happy that there is now a dog-park and many places that are dog friendly.”

Christine A., Arlington

“We love our dog and our community!”

Allison and Andy S., Arlington 

 “Thanks for all the things you do for all the dogs and dog owners here in Arlington.”

— Cris S.C. and Manuel M., Arlington

“We just got our little mini-schnauzer puppy and would like to know about different events and activities for dogs in the area. We would also like to have her socialize with other dogs.”

— Julie S. and Dustin T., Arlington


“We are moving to Arlington in July and have a dog.  We’ve heard it’s been a struggle to allow off leash and other basic dog enjoyment regulations to proceed.  We love the new dog park!”

— David V. and Sarah R., Arlington


“I’d like to think that Arlington is a dog friendly place but haven’t always felt that way in the few years I’ve lived here.  That’s why it’s heartening to see organizations like A-Dog which support dog ownership.  I just lost Winston, one of my dogs, and as painful as that is, I’d like to do as much as I can to support other dogs and dog owners.  I know he would have liked that.”

— Deborah G., Arlington 


“Among other things, we are looking for a community that understands the bond between members of a human/canine family……” 

— Brett G. and Deborah F., Arlington

 “Dogs do so much for us, it’s nice if we can give them good places to play off leash with their friends!”

— Pamela S., Medford

“We just adopted a rescue dog, and would love to give him a chance to run around outside in a fenced in area, off leash.”

— Angela and David S., Arlington

“Five or more days a week my friends and our dogs enjoy an off-leash romp at Turkey Hill.  Thank you for making this possible and legal.”

— Ruth S., Arlington

“The off-leash hours that A-DOG helped establish has created a nice community of neighbors at our local park, in addition to making our dog more sociable and better behaved.  We’ve changed our morning routine to be a part of this community.”

— Amy G. and Doug G., Arlington


“I really appreciate the value of dogs in our lives and how to establish “rights” and environments to meet their needs to just be DOGS!”

Ellen C., Arlington


“We love Arlington and love our dog.  We want to support ways to enjoy both!”

–Heather and David A., Arlington 


“The off leash hours are life-changing. I so appreciate the advocacy for dogs and their people. The leadership is sophisticated and strategic–needed when issues are charged.”

— Ellen D., Arlington

“You all do such a great job supporting dogs and their families in arlington!!”

— Michele S., Arlington

“for all of the hard work and persistence in getting off leash hours passed and keeping us informed about dog related town-wide concerns”

— Louisa B., Arlington

“I am excited to learn more about the possibility of a dog park in Arlington!”

— Margaret M., Arlington

“We support A-DOG because we enjoy being able to enjoy the parks with our dog Estella during off leash hours and think it’s important that this continue to be allowed.”

— Dustin and Ellen T., Arlington

“We need to speak up for the voiceless and that includes all animals.”

— Heather B., Arlington

“Every dog needs a support system. I think the work you do is so important to our dogs and our own mental and physical health. Thanks so much!”

— Pam H., Arlington

“I thought A-DOG did and continues to do a great job of working on behalf of all of the dogs and dog owners in Arlington.  I am particularly appreciative of all of the work you did and continue to do to help obtain and maintain off leash hours for dogs in this town.”

— Louisa B., Arlington

“What you’ve done and are doing is impressive and important – we and our dogs want to be a more active part of it!”

— Roma H., Arlington

“I love A-DOG! Always will!”

— Carrie M., Arlington

“Pets are important members of our community. Responsible pet ownership is essential.”

— Janet D., Arlington

“LOVE the off-leash hours at Turkey Hill and use them daily. Time to support the great group that made this happen and be in the loop.”

— Ruth S., Arlington

“I want to keep Arlington dog friendly!”

– – Gian S., Arlington, MA

“I love animals, and two of my best friends are Becker and Candace, my friend Sue’s wonderful companions.”

– – Alma G., Arlington, MA

“While I understand where opponents of off-leash dogs are coming from, many of them are against every proposed solution, so it’s important that responsible dog owners can present a united front.  I can’t wait for the fenced dog park, which I don’t think would be happening if A-DOG didn’t exist!  I’d also love evening or weekend off-leash hours (since the morning hours don’t work for me). I strongly prefer off-leash locations places with some sort of visual barrier between the dog area and other uses, even if it’s not a real fence — just something to help my dog know where the limit is).”

– – Riley H., Arlington

“As a new resident, I have found dog owners to be the most welcoming and inviting members of the Arlington community!”

– – Meghan H., Arlington

“I support A-Dog because I believe that Arlington residents who own dogs should be responsible and educated about town bylaws and plans for dog parks, etc. A-Dog does a great job of getting messages out to Arlington’s dog-owning community.”

– – Jennifer G., Arlington

“I feel strongly about exercising my rights as a responsible dog owner. I am also concerned with the well-being of my dog who needs active off-leash play time to be healthy.”

— Gene L., Arlington

“Because dogs have feelings and needs too.”

— Keith P., Arlington

“I support A-DOG because canine citizens are an important part of our community. Dogs enrich our lives, and A-DOG makes it easier to be a dog owner in Arlington.”

— Susan R., Arlington

“We are very interested in having areas for our dog to run and play right here in our town! We are responsible dog owners and are happy to join a group of like-minded individuals!”

— Maureen L., Arlington



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