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Arlington Dog Owners Group, or A-DOG, is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) community organization celebrating the canine-human bond!  Since 2008, A-DOG has represented the rights and interests of responsible dog owners in Arlington, MA.

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    •  Morning off-leash recreation is now allowed at several Arlington parks.  An A-DOG sponsored Town Meeting Article (Art. 36, 2010) made this bylaw change possible!  (see Animal Control bylaws and search “Article 36” for more history.)  Regulations for off-leash hours are on the town website. Your dog MUST be under control and, even during legal hours, should not run up to people or other dogs that do not want to be approached.
    • Thorndike OLRA, Arlington’s first dedicated fenced dog park opened in 2012, and is very popular with dog owning families and with people who love to bring their children to visit the dogs!.  Check here to join our community and support the dog park, and the town website for regulations and other key information. Please make sure you have a dog that is friendly to other dogs before bringing her to the dog park!
    • Leash law:  otherwise, dogs not on their owners’ property must be walked on a 6-foot leash.  (see Canine Control bylaws)



Welcome to our website! Please read our articles and enter comments wherever you’d like (there is a comment section after each article).  We ask that you not post anonymously but that, instead, you sign your name, to encourage the most constructive dialog possible in our community. The comments are moderated and we reserve the right to not publish comments for certain reasons, such as no email provided. (This email address is visible to the moderators but not to the public viewing the site.) If a comment seems particularly rude and disrespectful, we reserve the right not to publish it and will try to inform the author by email with a chance to revise it. We will, however, do our best to allow, and encourage, comments representing all points of view on issues of relevance to our articles.

We welcome submissions of articles on relevant topics for our Wags and Tags Newsletter, please contact us at the email given below with your proposal.

Feel free to contact us at <arlingtondogowners@gmail.com> with questions, feedback, article proposals, or any other inquiry.

Our Facebook Groups, A-DOG, Arlington (MA) Dog Owners Group and Friends of Thorndike Dog Park, are great places for more active discussion.

2 thoughts on “Welcome to the A-DOG Website Front Page

  1. Hi Folks, I just walked by Hill’s Hill today (Oct 20, 2010). Finally, there are now signs out for off-leash dog hours 6 AM to 9 AM all days of the week. Unfortunately, it’s pretty cramped up there. Worse, the area is an open sewer pit from all the trash and broken glass, everywhere and in the surroundings, from years of abuse and neglect. And, a dog poop pile right in the middle of a trail up to the top. We need a garbage can up there. I’d like to get some volunteers to help clean it up in the next month. Anyone interested, please contact me kaberdude@yahoo.com.

  2. Hi, Ken..thanks so much for trying to clean up your neighborhood park to make it safer for dogs and owners (as I recall, the broken glass all over Hill’s Hill is a mess and it’s too bad it still hasn’t improved). Off list, I’ve tried to connect you with other neighbors..also, perhaps a posting on the SSNA email list would be a good way to find volunteers. Sue

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