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Thank you for the support you’ve given A-DOG during our first 7 years! It is now time to renew your A-DOG membership, so that we can continue our mission. (And, to supporters who have not yet joined, please join us!)  Renewals are due April 1 of each membership year. A-DOG is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, so your membership dues are tax deductible to the extent allowable by law.  If you joined last year with our new 2-year option, you do not have to do a thing, of course!  If you accidentally “join” again, we will extend your membership another year and send you a new card.



You always have the option to join or renew for two years at $35. Or you can continue to renew for one year at $20.

Simply go to Join A-DOG or, if you prefer, print and mail our renewal form. You can renew as a full paid member or an associate member.

In May 2008, A-DOG was established with a mission that includes promoting responsible dog ownership and advocating for the rights and interests of Arlington dog owners.

A-DOG’s accomplishments include:

  • Successful advocacy leading to off-leash recreational activities for dogs in Arlington where, when we were first founded, there were NO legal off-leash options. A-DOG’s advocacy resulted in: a new bylaw allowing off-leash morning hours in many Arlington parks; and a new fenced dog park at Thorndike Field
  • Educational programs including on therapy dogs, canine first aid/CPR, and dog training and behavior, including “Dog Park Etiquette”
  • Social events such as our annual “Whine and Wine” wine tasting party at Menotomy Beer and Wine
  • Opportunities for our  members to participate in fun community events such as our Town Day booth and annual march, with our dogs, in the Arlington Patriots Day parade
  • A monthly email newsletter, Wags and Tags, encouraging contributions from all our members and supporters!
  • Friends of A-DOG businesses who offer discounts and promotions to our members


“We need your support to continue to offer exciting educational and social programs.  The Town has recently hired a new K9 Recreation Activity Director, Daria Pannesi!  We look forward to working with Daria, our Animal Control Officer, Amanda Kennedy and others to bring new programs to Arlington dog owners and their supporters. Many dog owners would like a second fenced dog park in Arlington, since the first one has been so popular. And, unfortunately, there will always be pressure from opponents to return to restrictive leash laws.  So, we must continue our strong advocacy.

With your involvement and support, A-DOG can continue to carry out our mission, to keep Arlington a wonderful place for all of us, including our canine family members!”


Thank you in advance for your support,

A-DOG Membership Committee