Snow Daze Photo Gallery

A-DOG Members shared their winter photos to celebrate Spring, 2018.

SNOW DAZE Gallery    (Captions in order)

  • Donna Prey “Up to My Neck” Standing in Snow With Winston Porkchop at Summer Street Soccer Field
  • Dan Ottenheimer ” Robbins Farm Sunrise” Starring Luna
  • Heather Fowles “Snow Snooze Day” Napping with Lynn & Domino
  • Elif Armbruster “Elif & Phoebe”  Heading to Robbins Farm”
  • Charlene Duffy Saulnier ” Higgins” Appearing as The SNOW Dog
  • Debby Jenney “Picture Perfect At Hurd Field” Stopping by on a Snowy Day
  • Sue Doctrow  Skijoring”  Skiing With Candace
  • Peter Wolf “Happy Tails” Following Trails At The Fells
  • Chris Gray “On The Bike Path” Featuring Elvis
  • Kate Alson “Corgis in Snow” Behold Brother & Sister Team: Leo (Leonardo da Vinci) & Jane (Jane Addams)