A-DOG Apparel, etc

Shop for beautiful, locally printed A-DOG Apparel and coffee mugs at our online shop, operated by QRST’s of Somerville. This is the best, most reasonably priced place to buy high quality A-DOG apparel. For items that our QRST’s shop does not offer, the Cafe Press shop (below) is another place, with keychains, dog-T shirts, etc.

We have long had a Cafe Press shop where you can buy T-shirts, hoodies, water bottles and other great A-DOG logo items.

Please note that most, sometimes all (depending on the item), of the profit on these items goes to Cafe Press which charges a high “base price”. But, we still use it because it is a convenient way to get our products to our members. We recommend the QRST’s shop, though, for T-shirts, sweatshirts, hats and coffee mugs.

To access the A-DOG Cafe Press shop, click here.

Note, too, that the bumper sticker shaped car magnet sold on Cafe Press is not the same as the one we offer through our website. The ones we offer on our website (and at membership events) are of very high quality and we ask only for a donation to defray delivery. The images on the Cafe Press ones are slightly smaller with more white space. However, they are still nice, and we offer them through the Cafe Press shop for your convenience.