Please help support Arlington’s Fenced Off Leash Recreation Area (OLRA) — a joyful place for dogs and their people — at Thorndike park in East Arlington!


Thank-you to these generous donors to the A-DOG Thorndike OLRA Fund!

  • Friends of Doug Corey, in his memory
  • Jen Burns, Owner and Senior Canine Walkologist, Blue Sky Dogs
  • A Winchester neighbor
  • Individual A-DOG members

Judy and Friends

Donations to the A-DOG Thorndike OLRA Fund will be used to help support our OLRA in many ways, in cooperation with Arlington’s Park and Recreation Commission.

A-DOG is a 501(c)(3) organization and your donations are tax deductible to the full extent allowed by law.  Donate with a credit card or paypal account:

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dogwalklabThe Thorndike Off Leash Recreation Area (OLRA), is a dedicated, fenced off-leash facility (or “dog park”) operated by the Town of Arlington, located in East Arlington, right along the Minuteman bike trail.  It is open to all dog owners whose dogs are healthy, well-socialized and friendly, and who follow the regulations to keep everybody safe and happy (see the Town of Arlington Recreation website for more information).  In cooperation with Arlington Recreation and the Park and Recreation Commission, A-DOG has established the Friends of Thorndike Dog Park of OLRA users and friends, to help support our OLRA and keep it beautiful.


Brief history:  Fenced dog parks in Arlington have been allowed by law since 2003, but had not yet been established.  At A-DOG’s request, the Town, through its Recreation Department and Park and Recreation Commission, formed a Dog Park Task Force, that began  meeting in 2009, with at least three fenced dog parks on its “wish list”.  Through a very generous grant to the Town of Arlington from the Stanton Foundation, specifically for the establishment of an OLRA, our first fenced dog park, at Thorndike Field in East Arlington, became a reality in the spring of 2012!


Visit the dog park today so your well-socialized dog can enjoy practicing on the agility elements (tunnels and “dog walk”) and romping and wrestling with new doggy buddies.  There is, also, a separate fenced area for small dogs, puppies, or others whose owners might choose to keep them away from the main action, in smaller play groups.


 And what will our donations be used for?


Please join us to be part of the process and submit your ideas.  We have already donated:

  • Visitor Bench.  The OLRA has proven to be a very popular community asset, even attracting people who may not have dogs, or do not happen to have their family dogs with them.  For example, many parents love to bring their small children to watch the dogs play.  Benches provide a safe, comfortable place for visitors to stop and spend time enjoying our OLRA. A-DOG donated a visitor’s bench along the bike path, outside the fence, just for that purpose!

Watching the dogs play!

These are only a few possible fundraising goals, suggested in our brainstorming with the Town.  Feel free to submit comments below with your ideas and, again, join us and be part of the dialog to ensure that our Thorndike OLRA remains the beautiful, safe and fun recreational resource for dog owners and their dogs!



Whether you live in Arlington or elsewhere, if you enjoy the Thorndike OLRA and want to support it, please join our community!

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