A-DOG in the Arlington Patriot’s Day Parade, 2011!

A-DOG marched in the Arlington Patriot’s Day parade on April 17, 2011!  It’s been estimated that from 19 to 30 dogs participated, with their owners, as well as other members and friends who marched without their dogs.

Highlights of the parade included:

  • Marching behind the awesome Jumbalaya band..that was really fun!
  • The friendly crowds of enthusiastic spectators, including many groups of children who frequently cried “doggies! doggies!” and were even more delighted to have the doggies come over to greet them personally!
  • Passing Town Hall, where the announcer read a very nice statement about the mission of our organization, and remarked on all the well-behaved dogs in the parade.
  • Seeing so many of our friends and neighbors among the spectators!
  • The feeling of community, fun, and celebration that only a parade can bring!

Thank-you to all members who participated, as well as to the organizers, including:

  • Joan and Dana, who built a beautiful A-DOG Cart!  This cart was pulled by Joan and Emily (escorting Bella and Clio), since no dog volunteered for the effort.  ;-) Joan, Dana and their 3-generation family escorted their three extended-family dogs, including Dana and Joan’s Bella and Wizard.
  • Ann and Roslyn, who pulled the entire event together in so many ways, as they always do, including creating the A-DOG banner, carried by Mary and Zarina in the parade.  Roslyn escorted their dog Pepe.
  • Susan R., who stitched lovely blue bandannas for the marching doggies and escorted her dog Juneau

Please add your own comments, acknowledgments and parade memories under “comments” below, and contact us to have your photos added.

See you next year!

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